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Digiflex v1.1.0 – Online Movie Streaming WordPress Theme

ūü镬†Digiflex v1.1.0 – Online Movie Streaming WordPress Theme

Key Features:

    • WP Bakery:¬†Customizable with WP Bakery page builder.
    • Fixed Header:¬†Header remains visible while scrolling.
    • Custom Swiper Slider:¬†Stylish slider for featured content.
    • Svg Based Slider Bullet:¬†Modern design elements.
    • Beautiful Slide Headlines:¬†Engaging headlines for content sections.
    • UI Friendly Movie Boxes:¬†User-friendly movie display boxes.
    • Icon Boxes:¬†Highlight important features or content.
    • Video BG Price Boxes:¬†Video background for pricing information.
    • Testimonials:¬†Showcase user feedback.
    • Hamburger Side Content:¬†Convenient side menu.
    • HTML5 Validation:¬†Ensures code quality.
    • Bootstrap 4.x:¬†Built with Bootstrap framework for responsiveness.
    • Navbar button:¬†Easy navigation with navbar buttons.
    • Fanxybox:¬†Stylish lightbox effect for images.
    • Cross browsers support:¬†Compatible with major browsers.
    • Retina ready:¬†High-resolution display support.
    • Friendly Blog Design:¬†Blog layout designed for readability.
    • Amazing icon boxes:¬†Attractive icon display options.
    • Google Maps iframe:¬†Easy integration of Google Maps.
    • Image icons:¬†Use images as icons for a unique look.
    • Google Fonts:¬†Access to a wide range of fonts.

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ūüé¨ Digiflex v1.1.0 is an Online Movie Streaming WordPress Theme.

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